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using Cable TV

using SuperBOX

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Only 10 to 30 channels included, extra costs for more channels

TV Channels

Over 1,100 channels including top-viewed and paid channels!


Need to pay extra for Sports channels


All Premium Sports channels, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL!


No VOD was provided


More than 100,000 VOD including Movies and TV Shows!


No Pay-Per-View was provided


Free PPV including UFC, Boxing etc!


Troublesome satellite and cable tv installation

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Money wasted if depart for a long period


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After checking out the Superbox S2 Pro experience for 2 weeks, we are going to cancel all TV with Comcast. I think we will save $100 to 140 per month! THANKS A LOT SUPERBOX

- Christine C. Sharp

I figure out investing in Superbox S2 Pro would save money in just a few months . After easy setup installing BlueTV and BlueVOD, I'm watching my favorite channels for free, and the Picture is GREAT!

- Charles M. Lore

Very simple to set up and use with Superbox S2 pro. With appropriate pitches service, an excellent way to cut the cable cord

- Robert H. Glenn

The SuperBox S2 Pro is probably too expensive for most people. But after with it half a month I LOVE IT! and it is simpler and easier to watch live channels, movies and other streaming services

- Nicholas B. Beehler

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